2. Library holdings:

    The Main Library (Mario Bravo 1259) holds 52,000 books including 2,800 subscriptions to periodicals in both printed and CD-Rom format. The library has an annual growth of 5,000 books approximately.

    Academic year:

    The first terms lasts from March to June and the second term from August to November.


Undergraduate Studies:

Entrance exam: The Scholastic Aptitude Test is required. The University has an agreement with the College Entrance Examination Board of USA, to supervise and correct these exams, which is the same taken by High School graduates in that country. This test evaluates oral and mathematical reasoning. It is considered as one of the compulsory standards for entry.

Submission of application: From August to February for the first term and from May to July for the second term.

Graduate Studies:

Entrance exam: interview with Head of Department

Other requirements: all postgraduate courses will require a graduate degree, academic and personal background and work experience; knowledge of English and basic computer skills.

Submission of application: From August to February


Undergraduate Studies:

From $3,900 o $4,550 per year

Graduate Studies:

From $4,000 to $6,000 per year


Spanish for Foreigners:

Program for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced levels. Offered during the second term. Usually taken by foreign students at the University for a one-term course.

Extension Courses:

Sample of extracurricular courses, which are annually reorganized:

  1. Core
  2. Philosophy of Science, History of Culture and Civilization, Sociology, Anthropology, Philosophy, Statistics for Humanities, Psychology, Economics and Political Science, History of Art.

  3. Art
  4. Renaissance and Baroque, European Art of the XVIII Century, Contemporary Aesthetics, etc.

  5. History
  6. Asiatic Civilizations, Medieval History, Contemporary History, Argentine History, North American History, etc.

  7. Contemporary Studies
  8. Russia and Eastern Europe

  9. Journalism and Communications
  10. Sports Journalism, Public Opinion, Radio Workshop, Law and Information, etc.

  11. Psychology
  12. Comparative analysis

  13. Religious comparisons

Religions of the World, Diversity and Dialogue.

Special Programs:

Buenos Aires Semester, with the presence of North American students:

Culture and Communication in Argentina, Evolution of the Argentine Society, Politics and Governance in Latin America.

Ecology, Peace and Development, Culture and Communication in Argentina, Evolution of the Argentine Society, History of Latin America, XX Century, Argentine Literature.

Exchange Programs:

Exchange agreements with the following

Yale University (Law)

Harvard University (Architecture)

Knox College (Latin-American Studies)

New York University (Humanities and Social Sciences)

ESCI Fontainebleau (International Trade)

Paris III "Sorbonne Nouvelle" (Communications)

Soka Gakki (Humanities and Social Sciences)

Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña (Architecture)

Escuela de Diseño de Barcelona (Design)

University of Alberta, Canada (Science and Technology)


On campus:

There are no accommodation facilities but the academic campus is composed of six buildings with the Main Library as its central point. There are also facilities for sports activities very near the University.

Off campus:

The University through its Student Exchange Department advises on room and board. The approximate cost for these types of accommodation is of $400 per month.



The information provided by the Dirección Nacional de Programación y Coordinación Institucional can be enlarged by visiting this institution's web pages

Foreign students may wish to contact the International Relations office for further information:

Prof. Elsa Zingman, MBA

Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Mario Bravo 1259

(1175) Capital, Buenos Aires

Ph.: +54 11 4963-1179/1170 and 4963-8528/2376

Fax.: +54 11 4963-1560

E-mail: fahum@mail.palermo.edu.ar or ezingm@mail.palermo.edu.ar

Web page: www.palermo.edu.ar (Spanish only version)